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As an alternative to the traditional PC, the BEMACON BemaBox offers everything necessary for connecting scales.
Equipped with a RS232-interface one scale can be connected directly to the BEMACON BemaBox.
Additional scales can be linked via COM-Server or accessed via the network card of the scale.


The BEMACON BemaBox is already equipped with a Linux operating system and the BEMACON Scales-Dispatcher and must be connected only to your network.
With a power consumption of approximately 2 watts and a virtually maintenance-free Linux huge savings in energy costs and minimal maintenance can be reached compared to a classic PC.


The configuration is done password proteced via web browser. The assignment of the IP address can be done via DHCP or can be set to a fixed value manually. The system name can be used to update the DNS system by the DHCP server.
The BemaBox has an internal clock. This clock can be synchronized with the NTP protocol via a time server or can be set manually.

BemaBox configuration login BemaBox configuration LAN
BemaBox configuration clock BemaBox configuration version

The connection to SAP-ERP or SAP-EWM is possible via BEMACON Scales-Adapter for SAP®
The BemaBox also provides a web service for access via SOAP. The ABAP example shows how an enterprise Web service consumer is created and how to access a scale via SOAP Web service from a SAP system.

The BemaBox is compatible with the scale protocols of the following manufacturers:

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