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Frequently Asked Questions on the BEMACON Scale Integration

FAQ Overview

I want to access a scale from transaction HUPAST (packing station) how does this work ?

The SAP®-R/3®-Software provides a standard interface to access scales from the packing station (transaction HUPAST).
We provide for the appropriate PC program BEMACON Scale Integration for SAP®-Packing-Station which is compatible with this interface.
With this solution the scale is connected to the PC directly (optional through RS232, COM-Server,USB or network card).
Note: a local SAP®-GUI for Windows® must be used on the PC where the scale is connected to.

Can I use the Scale Integration for Packing Station also in a EWM system ?

For connecting a scale to a SAP®-EWM-System ( Extended Warehouse Management ) the SAP-EWM-System provides a BAdI-Implementation in the Standard, where an interface program is called on the local PC which returns the weight from the scale.
Our server program WINRSC is compatible with this interface.
This scale-interface is used, when button Weigh is pressed in the EWM-work center ( transaktion /SCWM/PACK ).

How can I connect my weighing scales centrally ?

If you want to integrate your weighing equipment with your SAP-systems ( for example to calculate a quantity from a weight ) then you need some physical connection between your SAP-system and the weighing devices.
This connection is normally your company network, on which both your SAP-system and your scale hardware is connected. Direct access from your SAP-system to the scales by means of network communication is not very easy and also not preferable.

With our solution an additional central web server is put between the SAP-system and the scales. It receives requests from the SAP-system and performs the communication with the scales.
SAP scale integration
Picture : BEMACON scale integration with SAP-system

In the simplest case it is sufficient to use a Server (Unix® oder Windows®), which runs 24 hours a day and which has a Webserver Software
(e.g. Apache® XAMPP) installed on it. As low-cost solution also the BemaBox is possible.
We supply a function module (Z_GET_WEIGHT) which performs a HTTP-request to the scales-dispatcher. The scales-dispatcher then opens a TCP/IP connection to the scale, reads the weight and sends it back to the SAP-system.
The connection data of all scales is stored in a central customizing table.
So each scale can be used from each SAP-session.

Can I also access the scales with a self-implemented ABAP report ?

Access to the scales is also possible via a self-implemented ABAP report. For this purpose, only function module HU_GET_RFC_DATA in ERP-system or /SCWM/HU_WEIGHT_FROM_SCALE in EWM-system need to be called.
( ABAP example ERP, ABAP example EWM ).

How can I determine, if my weighing scales are network-capable ?

Newer weighing scales already have an integrated network card. You just have to connect them with a network cable and configure the IP-address and port number in the setup menu.
Older weighing hardware often has just a serial interface. To connect them to the network you additionally need a RS 232 ⇔ TCP/IP Ethernet Konverter (COM-Server), which is connected between scale and network.

Alternatively you can also use the BEMACON Net-Com-Adapter which simulates the function of the COM-Server.
Only prerequisite is a local COM port on the PC.

How do I know, if my scales can be connected to the scales-adapter ?

To make sure that you scales can be connected to our scale adapters you can download Scale Check for free.
This is a Windows® program, which can be run on your PC. You enter the connection data of your scale and select the weighing protocol.
scale connection data
Picture : scale connection data

Scale Check then communicates with the scale and shows weight and unit.

scale weight and unit
Picture : scale weight and unit

Which types of scales can be connected until now ?

Up to now the scale protocols of the following manufacturers are supported:

  • A&D®
  • Avery Weigh-Tronix®
  • Bilanciai®
  • Bizerba®
  • Cardinal®
  • Giropes®
  • Gomba®
  • GSE®
  • HBM®
  • Kern®
  • Mettler Toledo®
  • OHAUS®
  • PCE®
  • Penko®
  • Pfister®
  • Philips®
  • Radwag®
  • Rhewa®
  • Rice Lake®
  • Rinstrum®
  • Salter Brecknell®
  • Sartorius®
  • Schenck®
  • Sensocar®
  • Setra®
  • Soehnle®
  • SysTec®
  • Utilcell®
  • WeighTron®

Our aim is to supplement missing protocols promptly.

What can I do, if my type of scale is not yet supported ?

If Scale Check detects during its analysis that there is no implementation for your type of scale it shows the following message:

protocol error scale connection
Picture : protocol error scale connection

Feel free to contact us, we will try to implement the missing protocol promptly.

Which products do I need for a BEMACON scale connection ?

For a central BEMACON scale integration with your SAP-system via HTTP od SOAP you need at least 3 components:
First of all you need the BEMACON Scales-Adapter for SAP® (ABAWW). This contains two ABAP function modules , which implement
the access to the Scales-Dispatcher.
The BEMACON Scales-Dispatcher (PHPWD) is essential for the communication with the scales. It runs on a PHP-capable Web-Server.
For each scale manufacturer you then need the appropriate BEMACON PHP protocol.
overview weighing scale integration

Which other preconditions must be met ?

The BEMACON Scales-Dispatcher presupposes a PHP-capable Web-Server.
You may download it for free as open source from Apache®. ( PHP 5.4 or higher recommended)
The installation is easy and takes about 30 minutes. 1.5 GB disk space is required.
MySQL is not required.

Does the Scales-Dispachter also support SOAP ?

The BEMACON Scales-Dispatcher does also support the SOAP-protocol.
The ABAP-Example shows, how the weight can be retrieved via SOAP Web-Service.

How does the license model look like ?

With the purchase of our products you acquire the right for using the product in one productive environment. For testing purposes it may also be used in a development or quality control environment.
There is a pricing scale for the protocols depending on the count of devices that should be connected to the adapter.
There are no periodic licence fees.

What is the alibi memory good for ?

You need the Alibi Memory if you want to store the measured values on the Scale-Adapter. For each weighing process a unique weighing number is created, which identifies this single weighing process.

alibi memory
Picture : alibi memory

The measured values are stored on the Scale-Adapter and can be displayed by the Scale-Monitor.

measured values
Picture : measured values

My scale already has an internal alibi memory, how can I use it ?

Some scales like Pfister, Systec, Bizerba or Soehnle have an internal alibi memory (e.g. SD card) which can be installed as an option in the weighing terminal. Both the BEMACON Scales-Dispatcher and the Scale Integration for Packing-Station WINRSC e.g. WINSER are able to read this alibi number.

How does the scales-adapter work ?

To understand the functionality of the Scale-Adapter it is best to visit our virtual testing laboratory
Here you have the possibility to simulate the access to some test scales.

How can I weigh with Excel ?

You would like to transfer the weight of your scales to Excel by pressing a button ?

Excel scale interface

There are several possibilities for an Excel scales connection:

More questions ?

Feel free to contact us, if you have more questions. We will be happy to advice you !
e-mail: support@bemacon.de

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