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BEMACON Products for Weighing Scale Integration

The scales-adapter enables the connection of all scales to a central server. Through this server every scale can be addressed from any system - no matter whether it is a truck with a radio terminal, office PC, or a SAP®-system.

central scale connection

The scales-adapter consists of several modules, which can partly be used independently of each other.
Main component is the Scales-Dispatcher, which is responsible for the communication with the scales. This module is always necessary.

Optionally the Alibi Memory can be installed, if the measured values need to be archived.
To display the measured values the Scale-Monitor can be used. You may abandon this option if archiving is not mandatory.
For each scale supplier ( weighing scale type ) a separate Weighing Scale Protocol is necessary.

If weighing is initiated from a SAP®-system also the BEMACON Scales-Adapter is necessary.
Alternatively the SAP®-system can access the scales via Web-Service.

The Scales-Dispatcher can be called from every HTTP-capable computer ( e.g. PC )
The Scale Inspector as analysing tool performs a direct access to the scales.
Especially to connect the SAP®-packing-station (transaction HUPAST) we offer the BEMACON Scale Integration for SAP®-Packing-Station
as Stand-Alone solution.

overview weighing scale integration Scales-Adapter for SAP Scales-Dispatcher Scales-Dispatcher Scale Integration SAP Packing Station Scale Service for SAP Alibi Memory for Scales Scale-Monitor Scale Check Net-Com-Adapter
Picture : overview weighing scale integration

testing laboratory

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