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BEMACON Scales-Adapter for SAP® (ABAWW)

You would like to connect your scales to a SAP®-System ? Then you are in exactly the right place with us !

Our BEMACON Scales-Adapter for SAP® is connecting your SAP®-System via the Scales-Dispatcher with your weighing scales.

scale connection to a SAP-system
Bild : BEMACON scale connection to a SAP-system

The scales themselves are not exclusively connected to the SAP®-system but can also be accessed via Scales-Dispatcher from other applications.
This provides maximum flexibility for designing your processes.

The connection does not require a SAP®-GUI and can therefore also be used from BSP or Web Dynpro applications or by the SAP®-GUI for HTML.

Within your SAP®-system nothing has to be installed. A generator creates the appropriate workbench objects in the development system.
Two supplied ABAP function modules encapsulate the access to the Scales-Dispatcher and can be seamlessly integrated into your applications.
The connection configuration to the scales is stored in a customizing table and can be maintained by a maintenance view.
All supplied objects can either be created as Z-objects or within your own customer namespace.

Before you decide for your Scales-Adapter please visit our virtual testing laboratory, where we have connected some sample scales
which you can access for testing purposes.

tesing laboratory

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