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BEMACON Scale Integration for SAP®-Packing-Station (WINRSC)

To get the weight of a handling unit at the SAP®-packing-station (transaction HUPAST) the SAP®-ERP-System
provides a standard interface.

Through this interface almost all scales can be connected, which have a computer interface.
On the local PC where the packing station transaction is used, a server program has to be installed, which is called by the SAP®-system when the user presses the button to weigh. This server program then communicates with the connected scale and returns the weight back to the SAP®-system.

Our WINRSC server is compatible with this interface.

packing station transaction HUPAST
Bild : packing station: transaction HUPAST

The scale can be connected by the following interfaces to the PC:
  • RS232 interface directly
  • RS232 through COM-Server (Adapter RS232 to Ethernet)
  • USB-Interface ( with Adapter-cable through virtual COM-Port )
  • Ethernet-network ( TCP/IP e.g. UDP ) with integrated network card of the scale
  • HTTP ( via Scales-Dispatcher )

Scale Integration Packing Station interfaces
Bild : Scale Integration Packing Station: supported interfaces

The SAP®-system communicates directly with the application. ( utility scale_for_R3.exe from SAP is not mandatory )
The interface requires a user to be logged on via local SAP®-GUI for Windows®.

If no SAP-GUI is used we offer the Windows Service WINSER as alternative with equal functionality.

Besides the packing station, the interface can also be integrated into any other ABAP™ development by calling
function module HU_GET_RFC_DATA ( see ABAP Example )

WINRSC is compatible with the scale protocols of the following manufacturers:

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