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Standard Scale Connection WAAGE-SYSTEC-IT1000

Scale SysTec IT1000

SysTec IT 1000

industrial weighing terminal
Systec IT1000 weighing terminal
  • power supply 12-30VDC at terminal strip KL1 +V / 0V trough external power supply device (no power switch)
  • RS-232-Interface (8-pole terminal KL3 at internal plug-in module on slot SIM1)
    • 1 : Gnd (gray)
    • 5 : TxD (green)
    • 6 : RTS (yellow)
    • 7 : RxD (brown)
    • 8 : CTS (white)
  • ADM weighing module with 6-pole terminal strip (protected with jumper)
    • 1 : +Excitation
    • 2 : -Excitation
    • 3 : +Sense (or cable bridge to pin 1 with 4-wire technology)
    • 4 : -Sense (or cable bridge to pin 2 with 4-wire technology)
    • 5 : +Signal
    • 6 : -Signal
Function Keys
next menu entry
switch to service mode (press key during start)
display tare
back to previous menu entry
set tare
set zero
display total memory


continuous output
no continuous output of weighing values trough interface
continuous output of 15 ASCII-characters followed by CR + LF
continuous output of STX 15 ASCII-characters CR + bcc
continuous output of STX 33 ASCII-characters ETX + bcc
continuous output of @ 7 ASCII-characters CR
continuous output of STX 9 ASCII-characters ETX

Scale Connection

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