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Scale Check will help you to check, whether your scales can operate with our scale adapters.

Scale Check: check connection
picture : Scale Check: check connection

Enter IP-address or host name and port number with which the scale is accessable in the network.
Scale Check: connection via network
picture : Scale Check: connection via network

Alternatively, you can also use the local RS232 interface or a virtual COM-Port by using an USB adapter.
Scale Check: connection via COM-Port
picture : Scale Check: connection via COM-Port

Then select the suitable scale protocol.
Scale Check: protocol
picture : Scale Check: protocol

We currently support the following protocols:

Does your scale have an internal alibi memory, it can also be read togehter with the weight.
Scale Check: alibi memory
picture : Scale Check: alibi memory

If a connection could be established, Scale Check tries to communicate with the scale.
If successful, you will see weight with unit and if supported by the scale the alibi number.
Scale Check: weight with unit
picture : Scale Check: weight with unit

If no connection to the scale could be established or the communication fails, you receive an error message.
Scale Check: error message
picture : Scale Check: error message

A log of commands sent to the scale and the corresponding answer from the scale is show at the bottom for error analysis.
Scale Check: error log
picture : Scale Check: error log