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BEMACON Scale Print Form (WINPRT)

Weighing and printing from the PC - Scale Print Form for Windows® makes this possible

Weighing and printing from the PC

The scales can both be connected to the PC through local RS232-interface (COM1-COM9) and Ethernet.

scale configuration

The print form can be designed freely according to individual needs.
Measurement results can be embeded into the form text using placeholders.
  • [wwwwwww] : gross weight / net weight
  • [u] : unit
  • [ddmmyyyy] : date
  • [h:m] : time
  • [aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa] : alibi number (for scales with internal alibi memory)
  • [nnnnnnn] : continuous weighing number
  • [v1] - [v3] : freeform text fields for entering an order number, customer number, item number
  • [cr] : Carriage Return
  • [lf] : Line Feed
  • [ff] : Form Feed
  • [esc] : Escape
The printing is either done in pure text form using the Windows® default printer

scale form

or directely using printer commands ( e.p. ZPL, EPL or SATO ).

scale barcode form

scale form SATO

Sample 1: DIN A4 printout with Windows standard printer:

scale form printout

Sample 2: label printout with Windows standard printer:

scale label printout

Sample 3: barcode label printout with ZPL capable Zebra®-printer:

scale barcode label printout

Sample 4: label on SATO®-printer:

label SATO

Font, margins and copies are defined during installation.
Both English and German are supported as language.

scale form parameter

move options:
vehicle weighing

WINPRT supports the protocols of the following scale manufacturers:

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