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BEMACON Scale Integration for SAP®-EWM (WINRSC)

To determine the weight of a Handling Unit ( HU ) in an SAP®-EWM-System the EWM-system provides the BAdI /SCWM/EX_WRKC_UI_GET_WEIGHT.
This BAdI is called, if you press button Weigh in the EMW work center ( transaction /SCMW/PACK ).

transaction /SCMW/PACK Weigh

In the Standard the Default-Implementation /SCWM/CL_EI_WRKC_UI is assigned to this BAdI. This Implementation calls function module /SCWM/HU_WEIGHT_FROM_SCALE on an external RFC-Server (e.g. PC where the SAP®-GUI runs) via RFC.
Optionally an own Implementation can be created using IMG-Activity /SCWM/GET_WEIGHT ( BAdI: Determination of HU Weight Using Scale ).

The required RFC-Destination and scale can be defined in EWM using transaction /SCWM/SCALE ( define scales ).
Subsequently the scale can be assigned to a work center using transaction /SCWM/TWORKST.

EWM scale integration /SCMW/PACK

Using this BAdI-Interface almost all scales can be connected, which have a computer interface .
On the local PC where the work center transaction is used, a server program has to be installed, which is called by the EWM system when the user presses the button to weigh. This server program then communicates with the connected scale and returns the gross-weight back to the EWM system.

Our WINRSC server program is compatible with this BAdI-Interface.

Besides the work center, the interface can also be integrated into any other ABAP development by calling function module /SCWM/HU_WEIGHT_FROM_SCALE. ( ABAP Example )

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