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BEMACON Net-Com-Adapter

Using our BEMACON Net-Com-Adapter you can make your scale network capable !

If both your PC and your scale have a RS232-interface you can access your scale trough your network.
Weighing commands are accepted by the adapter and forwarded to the scale through the serial interface.
The other way around measurement values of the scale flow back through the RS232-interface to the adapter and from there to the network.

If the Net-Com-Adapter is linked to the Autostart folder, it starts after booting the operating system and hides on the taskbar.

From the background it receives weighing commands and forwards them to the configured local COM-port.
All access to the scale and occurring error messages are logged for monitoring purposes.

scale connection with RS232

The communication parameters of the scale (baud rate, data bits, parity), the network parameters (TCP/IP port number)
and the scale format (control characters) are defined during installation.

scale connection with RS232 parameter

The adapter makes it possible to use the BEMACON Scales-Dispatcher (PHPWD) together with scales that only have RS232 interfaces
and is a software alternative for a COM-Server.

Weigh with Excel

BEMACON Net-Com-Adapter can do even more. Its HTTP interface makes it easy to integrate into an EXCEL application. Pressing a button returns the current weight from the scale.

EXCEL scale interface

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