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Process-Engine Rule

Each rule contains a Rule-Pattern in form of a regular expression, which identifies the message to be processed by this rule.
If the received message corresponds to the rule pattern, all arguments of the pattern are transferred to the Parameters
and rule processing starts.

rule parameter

Usernames and Passwords for accessing Web services are displayed as placeholders because of security reasons.
Constants are used to define unchangable values, which can only be read by the Script.
The used Variables for temporary results are initialized by their values when the rule is started.
This initial value identifies the data type of the variable (character string, Integer, floating point value).
A description can be stored for documentation purposes.

The script consists of
  • Macro-Calls
    • XWEB (call Web-Service)
    • XTCP (send/receive TCP-messages)
    • XUDP (send/receive UDP-datagrams)
    • XCALL (call Macro)
    • XSETC (save context)
    • XGETC (restore context)
    • XDATE (read current date)
    • XFILW (write file)
    • XFILA (append file)
    • XFILD (delete file)
    • XGETN (get numer from number range)
    • XDIR (list directory)
    • XFTPP (send file with FTP)
    • XTIMS (set time)
    • XTIMD (read time)
  • conditions ( if , else )
  • assignments ( = )
  • string concatenations ( . )

rule script

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