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Designed as a Windows Service WINTCP has a permanent connection to the scales.


The service usually runs continuously on a dedicated machine and connects to all active scales after reboot.


Each scale ha s unique Scale-ID and is accessible via the network using Scale-Host and Scale-Port.
The end of a message is identified by a Message-Terminator (e.g. special character CR).
As soon as this Message-Terminator is received, WINTCP sends all received characters to the Process-Engine on the HTTP Server.
Heartbeat-Interval defines a time span (in seconds). If no characters are received within this time span ,
the message Heartbeat-Send is sent to the scale. The scale then sends the answer message Heartbeat-Receive and the service knows,
that the scale is still reachable. If the scale does not answer to this message, the connection to the scale is closed and
reopened again.
The communication with the service is done through the Service-Port. All messages sent to this port are forwarded to the scale.

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