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Customizing table of the Scales-Adapter for SAP®

The Scales-Adapter for SAP contains a Customizing table, where the connection configuration of all scales is defined

Table ZBEMAW (connection configuration)

  MANDT    => client
  SCALID   => Scale-ID
  HOST     => hostname resp. IP-Address of the scale/COM-Server
  PORT     => port number of the scale/COM-Server
  SCALE    => device number (empty, 1-9)
  LINEFD   => line separater (empty , C=CR, L=LF, CL=CRLF)
  CLEART   => clear tare (0/1)
  ALIBI    => use Alibi Memory (0=without, 1=external, 2=testmode, 3=internal Flash-EPROM)
  PROTO    => scale protocol (SOEHNLE27, SOEHNLE30, SARTORIUS, BIZERBA ...)
  PLUG     => interface of the scale
  CONF     => scale configuration
  SERVER   => HTTP server
  PROXY    => Proxy Server
  PUSER    => Proxy User
  PPASS    => Proxy Password
example scale connection configuration

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